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Whitton Street Walker

When I was a kid, we didn't have lawns to walk in, just broken glass and hypodermic needles. Kittens these days have it so easy!

Sergei: Headliner


Grumpy Guy with a Big Heart

I used to lay on rocks and liked it. Now that I'm indoors, I only prefer soft plush bedding. And I like them fluffed daily! Also, I like routine visitors from the resident Crookedjaw Cranks. Preferably every 10 minutes. Is that too much to ask for?!

Sergei: TeamMember

About me


food, chin, chest, and tummy rubs, timely meals, talking to everyone


being told to wait and dried out wet food


Sergei has his good days and his bad days. He's now an Indoorian, but spent all his life outdoors as a feral. He wouldn't let us touch him so we had to trick him into coming indoors. We left a wet-food out and Food Feeder 1 hid behind the open door, closed it once he was in and the rest is history! He was always swarming with flies outdoors, so we got to quick work cleaning him and removing a 3-inch thick layer of matts from his back. It took time for him to build trust. He has severe gum disease and will need his teeth cleaned and removed once he's gained enough weight for the anesthesia. But one day at a time! And he has no interest in returning to the outdoors! Learn more about Sergei, by clicking here.

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