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Guns & Violence Loving

Opposite of her Food Feeders

Scully aka Orange Blob aka Master: Headliner

Scully aka Orange Blob aka Master

Trained Assassin

You can find me at my headquarters sharpening weapons, plotting a violent attack, or adding to my booger corner. I find that picking my nose helps me focus on revenge plots, which can be very technical and ornate.

Scully aka Orange Blob aka Master: Meet The Team

About Me

Scully aka Orange Blob aka Master: List


Lots of guns, sharp objects, sausages (my Food Feeders fingers), excessive pets on rare occasions, ear wax, stinky shoes, catnip, and dutch ovens during "tenty time".


Tummy touches, thinking you're more powerful, adult babies, and speeding drivers...


I was rescued in the summer of 2015 by Food Feeder 2-4. They found me and my siblings hiding around a hotel pool pump where Food Feeder 1's mom was staying. Some of my cuter and fluffy siblings were taken immediately by a few Karens- Karens make for good pet moms I've read in the dark web. Me and the remaining scrawny ones were brought to our current home amongst the Crookedjaw Cranks. My brothers and sister are Scout, Noah, and Astra. Noah and Astra were rehomed together to a very loving family, but before that, we actually got pretty sick and had to be rushed to the pet hospital where we stayed for several days. My brother Scout nearly died, but even though Karens didn't want us, we were a hit with the vet staff, so we got plenty of visits and checkups. Hah! Take that ladies! But, you see, I dislike all "hoomans" equally, but I despise the ones in the box on donats that go too fast to stop for pets or kids. So since my food feeders no longer let me outside, I have turned to the dark web to plot a fanatical Jan 6th like attack on speeding donut boxes!

Don't Tread on Me

In the Literal Sense

Scully routinely plots to kill speeding drivers who threaten the lives of Outdoorian Cats.

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