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Because everyone needs a Buddy!

And loves lots of pets...for hours!

Scout aka Buddy: Headliner

Scout aka Buddy

Flunked HomeEc Class

I used to brag about going to college and pretend I was doing physics and advanced mathematics, but in reality, I failed home economics and skipped a lot of schools. I'm just too smart that school was too boring, so I didn't try. Also, my favorite movies are Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. They are soooo long and that means more time on my food feeders' laps. Also, I love peeing on Legos!

Scout aka Buddy: TeamMember

About me


pets, tuna & salmon steaks, outdoor movie nights, summer hair cuts, the hooman kid's clubhouse for nappies and sightseeing, sniffing his hoomans scalps and biting them, Halloween decorations, laying on a hooman lap for hours, and hanging out on the roof in the cooler months


water! even when it's bakiing hot outside. Also, when the hoomans do not do any of the "Likes"


My sister and I showed up to the Crookedjaw Cranks gang as kittens along with my brother Noah and sister Astra. We wuz rescued from a hotel pool pump. Eventually I gotz super sick as a little kitten. My hoomans takes me into the vet and were determined to see me recover. I was in the hospital for a week! And I learned my name there because all the vet techs would come and flirt with me. I am pretty sexy. My hoomans love my sexy self, so I let them pet me for hours. Sheesh, being this good-looking and smart is so tiring! So then I just take long naps on their laps.

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