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She Enjoys the Dead More Than the Living

And wants us to hurry and die already!

Ripley: Headliner


She Sees Ghosts & Loyalist to Master

She freaks her "food feeders" out telling them a demon is on their shoulder, she will use ghosties to plot revenge if we aren't careful, wants us all to be ghosties, gets excited when a member of the gang passes away...that's morbid Ripley!

Ripley: TeamMember

About Me


staring at ghosties, talking to demons, stalking Food Feeder 1, "Every Breath You Take" by The Police, giddy-ups on food feeders legs, highest perch on the cat tower, Halloween, ambushing Mr Orange, loves Master, nutritional yeast, hard-boiled egg yokes, and hammocking in the window shade.


not being stalked enough by Food Feeder 1.


I was rescued as a tiny kitten in a litter of four. My siblings are Matthias, Finn, and Detective. We had upper respiratory problems, but our rescuers make us better and became our eternal food feeders, and turned us into Indoorian cats. Our mom is Secret Agent and she lives outside. She's still feral.

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