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Just a Scrappy Wizard with Whiskers

"nec divinos custos cattus" means Wizard Cat!

Rincewind: Headliner


Texas Wizard Kitty

Wizard sidekicks are a colorful chameleon like coyote and a potion-making scorpion

Rincewind: TeamMember

About Me


eating, the occasional play fights, pats on the head, magic, potions, his sidekick scorpion and coyote - they're magical too, and family game night and pretty much anything else the food feeders lounge on the floor for.


being blind, but he's a champ however he can be. And someone stealing his lounging spot...he has lots of lounging spots!


Howdy! I shown up in da front yard one hot and balmy summer's eve of my now home. It twas shortly after when the old hermit lady down yonder passed away. Them Food Feeder 1 & 2 was outside waterin' them plants. I would lay in cool moisty spots that they'd just a watered. I was a little shy guy at first, but after a few nights and I then shadowed Food Feeder 1 while she watered. They'd brought me in and I was sold, I tell ya! No more deem hellish Phoenix summers for me! No sir! I loved chasing Mr Orange and Scully. They loved it too. We had so much fun. Then I gots me teeth cleaned, well mostly pulled, and that's when they finds out I have FIV. I had a rough time healin' and I wuz lookin' (and feelin!) purdy dang awful! We wusn't sure if I'd make it! But the Great Spirit Cat said I could keep my life for my sight. So I become a blind kitty. Sometimes my eyes they's a hurts, but I get on pretty well.

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