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I Love Myself Soooo Much

Here, sniff my bootie!

Pip: Headliner


Preppy Indoorian Outdoorian

Pip holds grudges for a veeeeeerrry long time. He can be very pretentious and thinks he has the greatest bootie out there. He loves finding you in the yard, so he can poop right next to you. He hopes you enjoy the show.

Pip: List


chewing on Legos, snuggles, himself, wrestling with Paul, biting your nose, meowing from the roof, being sassy, and digging deep poop hole and entirely missing...and being okay with it.


when you pet him "wrong", empty food bowls, working "hoomans", not enough attention, and when you tell him "no".


Pip showed up at the Crookedjaw Cranks residence as a kitten in late spring 2019. He was likely dumped nearby. At first he was skittish, but we bribed him towards us with cat toys. He bloodied our arms and hands if we picked him up, but within a week he demanded to be cradled and swooned like a baby!

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