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Everyone needs a pal named Paul

...and that pal can be me!

Paul the Plopper: Headliner

Paul the Plopper

Clumsy Acrobatic

I love to plop on my Food Feeders feet whenever they are standing! I am super buff from working out in my gym under the house. You can usually find me following Pip around or demanding for food.

Paul the Plopper: TeamMember

About me


being friendly, plopping, hooman feet, lifting weights, sleeping on HIS bed (Food Feeder 3's bed), copying Pip


sitting still for too long, sleeping hoomans (if the Food Feeders are sleeping they're not playing with me!)


I showed up as a wee lil fella. Someone dumped me, but I so cute and innocent so I made fwiends fast. The food feeders gotz my heart when they when they lured me into their arms with play toys. I also love to plop sloppily onto my side by my food feeder hoomans. And I love doing the acrobatics chasing cat toys. I kinda sloppy at that too, but it's what makes me fun and cute. I did learn lots of bad habits from Pip, so sometimes I be a punk now - hehehe.

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