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Remember the "Smoking Man" from X-Files?

That's Mr Orange

Mr. Orange: Headliner

Mr. Orange

Former Block Watch Member

Mr Orange, or "Orange" for short, has a raspy smoker's voice. We think he used to be a smoker - maybe even a beat cop. He misses patrolling the house over and over outdoors. Outdoorians are glad he's a permanent Indoorian.

Mr. Orange: TeamMember

About Me

Mr. Orange: List


Rolling in desert dust, full food bowls, catnip, his forehead smeared back, catnip cigarettes, inspecting "hooman" food bowls, grooming Detective, being chased, and making nests in blankies.


Empty food bowls! When food feeder 1 & 2 do not go to bed on time!


Mr Orange has been a Crookedjaw Cranks OG for 10 years now! He's been shot in the gut, nearly run over several times, had lots of fights, but is now a full-time Indoorian. He sometimes hates the indoors, but loves soft blankets too much.

Mr. Orange: Pro Gallery
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