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Matthias the Bear

...and Sometimes Dragon Bear

Matthias aka Bear aka Dragon Bear: Headliner

Matthias aka Bear aka Dragon Bear

Simpleton living in a fantasy land

Matthias is very proud of his identity as a bear. He truly believes he's a bear with sometimes cat and dragon like abilities.

Matthias aka Bear aka Dragon Bear: Meet The Team

About Me

Matthias aka Bear aka Dragon Bear: List


Swedish massages, his voice done by Food Feeder 1, his whistles (aka "farts"), food feeder poop and bath time, wrestling with Finn, being a bear...which he often reminds us of this identity.


When you think your toots are better, tree branches, questioning his identity, and Felix not listening to his commands (Felix is his version of Alexa).


I was rescued as a tiny kitten in a litter of four. My siblings are Detective, Finn, and Ripley. We had upper respiratory problems, but our rescuers make us better and became our eternal food feeders, and turned us into Indoorian cats. Our mom is Secret Agent and she lives outside. She's still feral.

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