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Of Fine Pawcrafted Incense

Finn: Headliner

Finn aka Captain Finn

Master's Devout Follower & Maker of Shitty Incense

I love playing around in the litter box and inspecting the work of my feline friends. I run an incense-making business and Matthias and Pip are star suppliers. My slaves thinks I'm disgusting, but they are jealous I make big $$.

Finn: TeamMember
Finn: Pro Gallery

About Me

Finn: List


incense making, worshipping Master aka Scully, chasing Mr Orange, wrestling Matthias, nominal ranking system for all cats and "slaves" in the household (some get ranked with letters) licking everyone except "hoomans"


when you can't read her mind and dry poops (not good for incense)


I was rescued as a tiny kitten in a litter of four. My siblings are Matthias, Detective, and Ripley. We had upper respiratory problems, but our rescuers make us better and became our eternal food feeders, and turned us into Indoorian cats. Our mom is Secret Agent and she lives outside. She's still feral.

Finn: Pro Gallery
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