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I'm a Highly Dependable Predictable Detective

And good at harassing Mr Orange

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Not a Very Good Detective

She is no "secret" agent! She can't hide emotions while on a stakeout. Da "criminals" know where she is at all times.

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About Me

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growling, laying on Food Feeder 2, chasing Mr Orange, groomings from Mr Orange, being pushed around like a mop, avocado, spinach, catnip cigarettes, gnawing on food feeder fingers, when her tummy is jiggled, and "my reputation as the fierce detective!"


Everyone who isn't her! And doppelgängers.


I was rescued as a tiny kitten in a litter of four. My siblings are Matthias, Finn, and Ripley. We had upper respiratory problems, but our rescuers make us better and became our eternal food feeders, and turned us into Indoorian cats. Our mom is Secret Agent and she lives outside. She's still feral.

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