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Grumpy, Funny, and Scrappy

Crookedjaw Cranks are a bunch of crusty ole alley and rescue cats hoping to add some story and comedy to the mission of their fellow "Food Feeders" who rescue and care for sexy feline beasts. Please support their mission in getting cats off the hot Phoenix streets by sharing, donating, or shopping (coming soon)!

Also, the site is still being developed by the Food Feeders in between work, school, fun, petting cats, and running a business.

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Cranky Cats

We're a bunch of rough around the edge rescue and well-cared for alley cats. Our humor is dark, strange, and fanciful, but we hope you can still love and support us! Taking care of us isn't cheap! We're spayed and neutered and most of us have been to a vet more than we'd like, but our "food feeders" know it's the right thing to do and could use your support! Please Donate Today! It means a lot!

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Phoenix, AZ, USA

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